Sunday, June 5, 2011

C-46 Tinker Belle ....Walk Around

Yesterday I took a trip to Reading, Pa. and went to the World War 2 event held there. This year I had a good photo op on the C-46 Tinker Belle. The C-46 is a great old bird.

Normal Crew of Four

Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-51 Engines
Twin-row 18 cylinder Air-cooled Radials
2,000 hp for Takeoff

10,000 lbs of Cargo or
Up to 50 Troops or 33 Stretchers

Max. Speed 270 mph @ 15,000 feet
Cruise Speed 183 mph

Climb to 10,000 ft in 17.4 minutes
Service Ceiling 27,600 ft
Length 76' 4"
Height 21' 9"
Wing Span 108' 1"

Max. Weight 56,000 lbs
Empty Weight 32,400 lbs

Normal Range 1,200 miles
Maximum Range 3,150 miles


Comrade Misfit said...

Cool. Last I heard, they were hardly ever flying Tinker Belle and China Doll because nobody could afford the fuel burn (something over 150gph).

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of our new old bird. Head to Monroe North Carolina to get a closer look.
Email for info.