Wednesday, June 22, 2011

C-124 Takeoff Procedures from the 1C-124A-1

While looking through some of my old manuals I came across the C-124 dash 1. I kept this manual after we closed down the 19th Military Airlift Squadron. I worked in the 19th MAS /62nd Wing MAC, Electric Shop as an aircraft electrician 1968-69 at Kelly AFB , San Antonio Texas. Old Shaky was a cool aircraft to work on greasy , oily, a generally good old knuckle buster for the mechanic. I am proud to have worked on and served with this old bird. At Kelly we had all C models.

An old flight engineer on Shaky's told me "If you ever fly one of these birds upside down, the flight crew would be killed by all the nuts, bolts and safety wire that would get loose". After working on them I beleive it would be true!

Here are a few pages from the manual for the Takeoff procedures up to cruise.


Nellie Mulllikin McRoberts said...

Dear Sir,
My late father was a Chief Flight Engineer and flew C-124's for years. He was at Kelly AFB from 1966 to 1970 and was teaching men to fly Shaky. His name was Lovell Mullikin and was a USAF Retired MSgt. He went active duty for awhile when Johnson recalled the Reserves during Vietnam. I have the C-124 Manual. He had a Flight Engineer friend by the name of Joel Clark who was a Kelly also. Thanks for the great photos. said...

Sir: In your C-124 Manuel does it list the procedures for "ditching"? I am researching and filling in the blanks on the "Last Flight, The Missing Airmen", .

Daddywags said... More comprehensive coverage of 23 Mar '51 C-124 ditching:

Daddywags said...

A more comprehensive account of the C-124 ditching of 23 Mar'51 and what happened to the 53 SAC airmen: