Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Allegheny Airline's Convair's CV-440..CV-580's Great Airliners

This is a little study of the great Convair liners. As a kid I would sit on the coal banks in the eastern anthracite region of Pa. actually Pottsville area with my converter, which converted an AM radio to vhf and I could listen to New York center, and Reading Approach, as many CV440's and 580's flying with Alleghney Airlines would over fly my home area. They came cruising in a low alttitude on V-30 and sometime would hold over my hometown, they were great times for a kid that loved the airlines.

I took these photo's as a 14 year old kid at the Reading Airport, Pennsylvania. I would talk my Dad into taking me to the airport and leave me there for the day. Remember when you could walk right on the flight line or get as close as safety would permit! 1963

More From Reading Airport, PA. Allegheny Airline Convair 440..1963

Allegheny CV-580

Allegheny CV-580
By 1975 they were all up for sale!

Wish I could buy one!

I took this photo of a Convair 580 at Reading Airport, Pa.

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No greater short-haul aircraft than the Convair 580! Great memories!
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